Apply Now for Military Housing at Fort Sam Houston

You must submit the following:

  1. Application card & Application checklist
  2. Assignment orders with all amendments
  3. Documentation reflecting date of departure from last duty station: *Army (DA 31) *USN, USMC and USAF (Stamped copy of orders)
  4. Deers paperwork from AKO or 1172;  Page 2 (USN/USMC)
  5. Current EOM LES
  6. Hardship tour credit (Personnel record listing duty assignments or orders)
  7. Inbound enlisted (E1-E6) must have a student memo signed by their commander.  This includes service members on training and/or permanent party PCS orders
  8. Pet owners must provide a photo of pet(s) and current veterinary health/registration information
  9. Send completed application packet to:

Other documents that are required if applicable:

  1. Pregnancy Statement (at least 6 months pregnant)
  2. Custody legal paperwork for any full-time stepchildren (to meet full time status a child or step child must reside with the service member for no less than six consecutive months in a year)
  3. Power Of Attorney

**All documents should be submitted in PDF format**

Required Application Forms

Active Duty Applicants

DoD and Retiree Applicants